Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You're opinion, please!

What a day. I have eaten, cooked, cleaned, eaten some more, read blogs, eaten, taken some photos and eaten. It's freaking cold here today! What else is a girl to do but eat??! I made fresh chocolate walnut brownies so it is to be expected. 

I re-fashioned my blog. Nothing too noticable, and I need a new header, but the old layout was dastardly boring. I was boring myself. I can't imagine why anyone would waste their time with my boring page. Must be my wit and wonderful sense of humour.

Anyway, I need your help people! I need to pick your brains for ideas.
I found these old couches in a room on the haunted upstairs floor of my work and thought they'd be great for the kids rooms. They're just the right size and the springs are still in perfect condition. But look at them. 
As you can see, someone had clearly put a lot of hard work and tender loving care giving them a new lease of life. Unfortunately it's not quite the look I'm going for. I stripped them back to reveal their original glory.

A furniture doer-uperer's delight? I do like the buttons, they were a surprise! I'll keep them if I can to give a bit more character. 

Here's where you come in. Ryleah's is all sorted - she wants hers covered in a similar style patchwork to this.
But what to do in a 12 year old boys room? I want it to look cool, but not in a stereo-typical boys room way. No skateboard material please. His room isn't finished yet, but we're going for industrial, sort of. 
Do I stick with a plain, dark colour and add lots of ace cushions? Or go with a bolder colour? Or a print of some sort, like a Union Jack? I do like Union Jacks.
Suggestions please!

Brrrr, did I mention how cold it is today? Is it cold where you are too, or just here in Ballarat?


  1. Wow! They are great. What an amazing find. My son is 9 but already i've started thinking about what he's going to like in a few years. So personally i'd do the chair in a dark colour (maybe charcoal?) and then you could stick a Union Jack cushion on it!

  2. I was thinking charcoal as well but with a bit of texture or fleck. I'd make A cushion out of an old pair of jeans to go with the Union Jack. Use the bits with the pockets for added fun. Then add a faded or over dyed red cushion.

    Great find.

  3. Yeah I agree with the above comments :) You don't want to have to redo them every couple of years because he's outgrown the fabric.

  4. Oh mercy- Charcoal- total perfection- how's about a contrasting piping... maybe burnt orange or cream. I'd go cream and add colour elsewhere.

    you are not boring. shutup!

    xo em

  5. yep i'm with Em on the charcoal. and it is freezing today!! x

  6. Cold here too... what a find! They are amazing! I would go maybe a medium grey, not too dark - not too light.... and I love duck egg blue... such a classic look - will you do it yourself? xx

  7. the lounges are awesome rach. love!! i am pretty sure you will have them looking gorgeous again. the buttons are cute! and you are not boring at all. xo.

  8. And it's still cold today.
    Not coping here!
    How about a patchwork of old men's shirt fabrics or suit pants and jackets all cut up.
    I have no idea about boys but maybe??

  9. Love a random find...well spotted!
    You could go for a dark will withstand anything he may throw at it or on it in the years ahead. Then just jazz it up with all different cushions...perhaps his old shirts/fav tops as he gets older, converted into pillows?(thats what my boy loves!)


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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