Friday, January 27, 2012

A most wonderful day

For the last few years, every Australia Day has been spent at a family friend's place. It is a big bash, at least 50 or 60 people attend each year, maybe more! It's a day we all look forward to.
 The setup is amazing! There's a tennis tournament (with a trophy to be won!), a great games room with verandah looking out over the paddocks, and of course there's the 120m waterslide into the dam. What more could you want for Australia Day?
 The ramp at the top is new, for a better, quicker take off!
 A bit of a spill!
Watch this video - it is the making of the waterslide! They are such dags!
 The new, smaller kids waterslide
 What's Australia Day without friendly sheep?
 We even had a little beach this year!
 Best friends Walter & Alby
 We finished the day off with a Macca's tea and bubbles at Lake Wendouree, then watched the fireworks.
It was such a fabulous day!

How did you spend Australia Day?


  1. thats an australia day!! Great pics :)

  2. that is awesome rach. what a fantastic looking day. i want a go on the waterslide!! xo.

  3. OMG! That is amazing - that is the best waterslide I have ever seen. The kids would of had to have kicked me off it if I was there, I would have been on it all day long..and sheep - this sounds like the best Australia Day party ever.

  4. ok, I just watched the video - what a legend!!! (Is it daggy that I got goosebumps) when Al(?) turned the pump on and 'christened' the slide on his inflatable crocodile (must have been the music). That husband sure "does things" - classic!

  5. Wowsers! I dont have words for how amazing this is! And I love that they share it with everyone!

  6. That waterslide is the coolest thing ever!! What a perfect way to spend Australia Day. xx

  7. Hey Rach, this is Kimbra, the one in Shanghai... We've had a few great days out here too, doesn't get much better! Love the mini slide...
    Happy New Year
    See you next time I need a great hair cut!


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