Friday, January 13, 2012

A vintage young girl

I have slowly been renovating both the kids' rooms, and I still have quite a way to go, but for now Ryleah has made herself a vibrant yet cosy place to retreat to.
 When given some money for Christmas, Ryleah invested in 3 old trunks and an old iron gumball machine. She also asked for something old for Christmas from Ben and I, see the little marianette puppet on her wall? That was so hard to find! Will need to take some close ups for you later. 
Looks like she takes after me in her taste for all things vintage! She picked it all herself.
 We picked up this cute owl backpack in an ancient water town during our first trip to China
 We found this awesome crochet blanket in a cute little shop in Daylesford. At $35 it was probably a bit overpriced as it was pre-loved, but it would take me forever and a day to make one this size so we snapped it up. It fits her bed perfectly and the colours couldn't be better!
Next we plan on knocking her wardrobe out (then her room will be big enough to fit this) and making the old ensuite into her walk-in-robe. She will have her own basin and mirror in there so when she's a teenager she won't be hogging the main bathroom all the time!
See, we're thinkers!

Do you love decorating your kids rooms as much as I do?

Join me here!


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous room.
    I love her (obviously inherited!) taste.

  2. that is a very lovely room. she has great taste...just like her mum. and she looks so much like you too! enjoy the weekend rach. xo. ps: look forward to seeing some close ups of the puppet and those trunks i love.

  3. Oh wow - what an amazing room! I love vintage but never seem to be able to do it! Your daughter has amazing taste! {Here from the Weekend Rewind!}

  4. It's a lovely room. I would have killed for a room this special when I was her age. She's a lucky girl indeed. x

  5. Your daughter has great style - I love her room. Can't wait to see what you do with the sofas

  6. I love this! What a fab room. I love decorating my kids room, so much potential and lots of ideas!
    Visiting from the rewind

  7. What a stylish little girl! I would love a house like that but it would look all try-hard if I attempted it. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind x

  8. What a beautiful room. looks so cosy and comfy! good job! x

  9. Her room looks awesome. Love the trunks and granny rug. I LOVE decorating for kids. Troll ohdeedoh for inspiration all the time. Much more fun than grown up decor. X ashley

  10. Gorgeous room! I owuld have killed my sister (who I shared a room with) to get a tv in my room at that age!!! Magic.


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