Monday, December 13, 2010

A few new things

Man it's been a crazy few weeks! Between weddings, hens nights, race days, spring cleaning, Christmas functions, Christmas shopping, community projects, kids, making things for the market, crazy busy time at work and incubating chickens, I've hardly had time to scratch myself! It's all good stuff though, I love it all. Plus I know  that in 2 weeks time it will all be over and I'll be taking a break from work. Nice!

So I'm almost ready for this market. Just doing the last finishing touches, and the jobs I'd been putting off, like making the chains for the pendants. Not fun I tell you!
 Just checking how much room on the table it takes up, and I still have around 60 pendants and 30 brooches to be finished before the weekend.
 I have also made a range of mini brooches, around 3.5 cm across.

 The brooch range.

A few more brooches on the production line! And Otis!

I popped down to the Main Road Market on yesterday to check out stall displays for some ideas. It was such a cute market, and had a great feel to it, especially with the 2 piece band playing ace music for us to wander around to! It was great to see the different stalls and their setup. It reassured me that I was on the right track with what I've been thinking of doing.

I'm so tired and can't be bothered, but I must go and solder about 60 pendants now. Also my chickens are just starting to hatch in my incubator-very much a distraction with their little beaks popping out every now and then and their little "cheeps". Too cute. Yes, I am a chicken lady.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Design Exchange Market

Ooooh, it's so close now! Just getting the last few items made now, and trying to organize the layout of my stall. Will post some photos soon.
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