Monday, January 16, 2012

Get your treasures ready

I love stuff. I have lots of stuff. Not junk, although it might seem like it to those without a love of vintage goodies. I look at my stuff and just love it so much! Sometimes I take photos of things because they are just so damn pleasing to the eye! But then nothing becomes of my photos because why would you do a post on a single object, unless it's new and you just have to share!

Well I'm giving myself (and you if you want!) a reason to take photos of all the wonderful things I love. Every Tuesday I will be hosting 'Tuesday's treasures', where I will post photos of my chosen object for the week. Many photos probably!

Join in if you like! I would like!
I will have a linky thingy do-dad set up at the bottom of each post for you to join. 

Your treasure might be something you've just purchased or acquired, or something you've had a while. It might be brand spanking new, or second hand. Who cares? I want to see it!

So get your thinking brains on and get clicking! We'll start this Tuesday! Woo!

Join me here


  1. I love this idea! will be back later with some pics! x

  2. What a nice post! I'll have to have a think about it and then get back to you!

  3. Great idea!

    Am loving the new header and fancy pants buttons too.

  4. oh....were's my camera!! Great idea!


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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