Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures - a vintage mixer

I'm giving myself (and you if you want!) an excuse to take photos of all the wonderful things I love. Every Tuesday I will be hosting 'Tuesday's treasures', where I will post photos of my chosen object for the week. Many photos probably! 
Do you want to join me?
Your treasure might be something you've just purchased or acquired, or something you've had a while. It might be brand spanking new, or second hand. Who cares? I want to see it! 

I've had this beauty for a few years now. She sits on my kitchen shelf looking lovely, along with some other old kitchen paraphernalia.
See her up the top there?
 Look at her cool green stripes!
Look! She can come apart and become a hand mixer too!

I absolutely love the look of these old appliances. They have so much more character than modern day ones!

So what do you have for me this week everyone? Show me your treasures!


  1. i love. i want. that is so cool. will be linking up with you soon. xo.

  2. Love this Rach, she's a real beauty! xx

  3. She looks great - and more hip then the new shinny ones. Does she work?

  4. oh i LOVE her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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