Monday, June 27, 2011

Home sweet home

The sun has decided to spoil us for the last 2 days here in Gloomsville, and I got so excited that I could actually take some photos with some decent light! I'd like to show you some photos of my house, if you don't mind. We still have a billion ideas with what we want to eventually do with the inside, eg massive bookshelf wall with ladder, a bigger, newer kitchen, new floors, and lots of reclaimed timber furniture c/o Modern Vintage (cha-ching!), but for now we have made it our home. A place we love to be, and a place for making great memories for the kids.

I hope you've all had a lovely sunshiney day like me!

Gettin' the 'do' done

Ryleah got some ace bright red extensions in the front of her hair tonight - the perks of having a hairdresser as a mother! A touch better than the mullet she wants don't you think?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

We heart David Bowie

Ryleah decided that she loves David Bowie's hair in The Labyrinth, and would like to have it herself. What do you think?

Haha! Gotta love the OldBooth app for iPhone!

What's new, you ask?

Or maybe you don't...either way, I'm gonna show you some new stuff in my house that I'm excited about!

The crochet blanket for Ryleah's room in progress. The weather has been so bad I had to take these photos in at work to  get some decent light.

Crochet pouf turned out a little smaller than I expected, is more like a crochet pillow, but is cute anyway. I got the pattern here.

Some beautiful liliums my husband  brought home for me when I was sick this week!
My new canvas print from my shop Modern Vintage
Cute new birdcage, also from Modern Vintage, with handmade birds. Thanks for the link Em from The Beetle Shack!
That's right, prints from Modern Vintage again. That shop must be pretty cool, I hear you say! Why, yes it is!
New brown fading into blonde hair. Must have a pretty ace hairdresser.
New bunny Macy (the white one) with the lovely Vada. Poor love was depressed after losing her guinnea pig friends Sheila and Piggy, so we had to get her a companion.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bug party

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. Life has been busy, and illnesses have set in due to this terrible weather. And I've lost my camera charger so I'm without anything to take photos with apart from my iphone, and that just won't do!
I borrowed my Dad's canon to take some photos of my nephew's bug themed birthday party on the weekend, the kids were very cute, and check out the cake my sister-in-law made!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh dear...

Well it turns out the boys didn't end up living the good life on the farm. They've gone to the big farm in the sky instead. Goodbye Harry and Gary! (I won't be telling my daughter!)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rain, rain, go away...

Who cares about the rain when you've got an inside-out umbrella and your best friend?

Bye bye birdy

I have chickens. Lots of chickens. 25 to be exact. I started out with 2 hens (Sadie and Popcorn) & a rooster (Sgt. Pepper) and they populated the rest. We've had lots of baby chicks hatch which is wonderful, until you discover many of them are roosters. Shattering really, because as you know, roosters fight. One guy, Murray, had his head plucked bald, poor fellow!
Murray sporting a new haircut
 So anyway, I am currently owner of 5, maybe 6 roosters. I found a home for my lovely man Ralph last week, but homes for roosters are hard to come by, and there was no more takers. Believe me I tried! I get ridiculously attached to my animals!
Sgt Pepper checking out my camera
I resigned myself to the fact that they will have to go to someone who will have them for dinner, much to my dismay! After much putting off, I asked my friend Rohan if he'd like them. You see, Ro is a very talented photographer/hunter/cook, and I thought if they're gonna be cooked up, at least he will make them into something delicious! And he has a great blog 'whole larder love' which they will no doubt feature on, so that's a bonus! Nonetheless, I went all hot & teary when he said yes, he'd take them. Mum thought I was a basket case!

My daughter Ryleah was not impressed with me at all for offering my roosters to Rohan. She cried on the way to school and when I got home from school this was waiting on the bench for me:
Argh the guilt! So I told her I'd talk to Rohan & see if he'd just let them live on his farm, not that he has a farm, but she didn't need to know that!
Well the roosters must have 9 lives like a cat! When Rohan arrived today to pick them up he had decided that they could in fact go and live on a farm, one belonging to his friend, with lots of lovely Isa Browns. So I didn't have to lie to my daughter after all!

Terribly sorry to all you people who don't care much for chickens, this post would seem a little weird to you I'm sure - getting attached to a rooster, how absurd! But just ask any chicken lover. They have funny little personalities and are all quite different!

Note: keep an eye on this guy, he's gonna be famous one day, mark my words!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Forgot to show you

Looking at The Beetle Shack's new family photos, I realised I hadn't shared my most recent family pics, taken on Christmas day just gone. Our shoot was very impromptu, very unorganised, and very fun! I love the results, it shows the dorks that my family are. 

My neice Gypsy with my son Jesse

My brother Mathew with his wife Liz & son Harrison

My sister Kate with her husband Glenn. They have 3 year old twins Gypsy & Frankie, and a 2 year old, Bob
With Mum

My very mature parents
Mature once again

With Uncle Craig (he'd kill me if he saw that I'd called him that!) He's close to us in age so is more like a brother

A bunch of helium balloons tied to string - the only way to get all 6 kids looking in the same direction!
My husband Ben & I
With Jess and Ryleah
Too normal
That's better!
The in-laws
I love this one!
Harry loves bugs!
Gotta love timer photos!
These 2 were the best out of at least 20 pictures taken!

      Well we had fun anyway! The best part was plugging the camera into the tv later that night and looking at all the photos on the big screen - everyone had tears from all the laughing that night!
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