Friday, December 14, 2012

{52 WEEKS OF HAPPY} 5/52

Hi all!
Well, what a week it has been!

School excursions, school camp, weekends away, birthdays, as well as the usual crazy housework (including the biggest pile of washing ever!) and day job have been keeping me on my toes.
Oh, and I got a new car! Yeah!
I've had my old car for almost 9 years so about time for a change.

I've been to the Sunshine Coast for a wedding.
It was great but disappointingly lacked a Batman groom, which we were all expecting. (He dresses up as Batman for charity, and before the weekend we didn't know what he looked like because every single photo of him on Facebook was in costume)
Luckily he dressed up the next day for the kids and big kids!

It was so relaxing having a weekend away sans kids, but oh so nice to come back home again.

Work has been rather busy too as we get closer to Christmas.
What a lovely time of year it is!
We have just started blasting the carols in the shop care of Sufjan Stevens and She & Him, and the festive feelings are creeping in.

Ryleah and I are planning on making some snow domes out of jam jars this weekend so that should be fun.
Nothing like a bit of Christmas craft!

I have more than the normal few photos this week - I couldn't choose the usual 4!
Are you excited about Christmas?
What have you been up to?

Joining in with Jen

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{52 WEEKS OF HAPPY} 4/52

I'm glad for these weekly happy photos I decided to post, as it seems to be the only thing I'm having time to blog about lately!
This year is very quickly disappearing, and while things are busy, they aren't the usual crazy panic type of busy, which I am loving.
Christmas is looking like it's fairly under control, and I'm off to Queensland later this week for a wedding which may or may not involve a groom dressed as Batman. I'll keep you posted on that one.

It's been a funny week, with Christmas parties and wild tornado-like storms.
Here's a snippet of some of the calmer moments.
1. On our evening walk
2. Brother & sister hanging out 
3. Casper with his duck pal
4. New cute things in the shop

Joining in with Jen

How has your week been?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{52 WEEKS OF HAPPY} 3/52

1. A very wet Alfie on a hot day
2. Lots of ladybugs around at this time of year
3. We decorated the tree a bit earlier than usual
4. Finished!

Joining in with Jen

Friday, November 23, 2012

Blogs are pretty ace

Have you ever sat down and read through all your past blog posts?
I've just done that very thing.
It has made me feel so grateful that I started blogging.
I have been able to look back on the past 2 years and see my children grow and change, see the changes happening in our home, and remember all the good times and fun things we've done.

Sadly I could also see the part of me that struggled through a fair chunk of the last year. I remember trying so hard to focus on the good things that were happening, while feeling like I was being
swallowed up by my own misery.
A few things happened that made me feel that way, which I won't go into, but they are things that are now well and truly over. I actually feel like I'm reading the words of someone else, and I feel sorry for them.
I feel so far away from that time now, I am so much happier!

While reading through my posts I had a good laugh! Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty funny!
I picked out a few photos that I want to re-share, because good photos deserve to be looked at over and over again.
Have you ever reminisced through your old blog posts?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{52 WEEKS OF HAPPY} 2/52

2. That great feeling of a fire on a chilly spring night
3. The driveway is as good of a place as any to relax with the cat isn't it?
4. A simple vignette with new and old things

Joining in with Jen
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