Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We had a gay old time!

Now what sort of blogger would I be if I didn't inundate you with photos from our family Christmas?
Before the carnage
Christmas dinner was at my house this year, and I was so excited! My sister, her husband and 3 kids camped in our old tent on the back lawn, my parents set their caravan up in the driveway, and we set up a blow up mattress in Ryleah's room for my brother and his wife. Harry got Ryleah's bed, lucky thing! My Uncle is the only extended family to come to our Christmas dinners. He's more like my older brother really, closer to me in age than my Mum. He sleeps wherever he falls! On this occasion, it may have been on the floor in the bar, who knows?
All set up for an Aussie backyard camp out Christmas!

Priceless: Mum's less than amused face during Dad's Christmas speech!


A bit of shuffling during Christmas dinner, why not?
A sozzled looking mother

Thus ends my photography for the day. You see, our family have a large tea, so my parents, husband and I spend a large part of the day celebrating with a few beverages. Then, when the siblings arrive with their broods, we eat, then get into it a bit more! Christmas is always a massive party in our house!

We ended the night at around 3 or 4am, after lots of shuffling around the camp fire, sing-a-longs with my new ukulele and harmonica, and tonnes of laughs!

Gee, I love my family!


  1. The pictures are soooo lovely. I love everything about this from the decor to the "carnage". This is something I would have wanted for myself and my family if we only have a house as lovely as yours. Happy new year.

  2. Oh these shots are just fantastic. What an amazing Christmas you guys had! I used to think i'd hate to have Christmas time in the summer, but now i'm thinking that totally rocks!!

  3. bout bloody time! Fabulous photo's woman. Looks like your place would be an excellent place to spend christmas!

    xo em

  4. Great Photos Rach, Looks like a lovely colourful Christmas was had. House looks great. Decorations look great. Looks like your loving life :-) If i didn't love my family and life as much as you I would be jealous. ;-)

  5. Sounds and looks like a great Christmas! Every one looks happy - here's to happy days and family

  6. Wow! Amazing photos. I've always dreamed of this kind of Christmas, but my family's so small and my husband's is too. It looks like such happy chaos. (And love the bit about your uncle sleeping where he falls, hilarious!)

    Hope you had a happy xmas. xx


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