Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures - my harmonica

I'm giving myself (and you if you want!) an excuse to take photos of all the wonderful things I love. Every Tuesday I will be hosting 'Tuesday's treasures', where I will post photos of my chosen object for the week. Many photos probably! 
Do you want to join me?
Your treasure might be something you've just purchased or acquired, or something you've had a while. It might be brand spanking new, or second hand. Who cares? I want to see it! 

This is actually one of my newest things, no antiques this week! But it brings back some very old and special memories for me.
My harmonica!
 Last year I decided I wanted to learn the harmonica (or harp to us try hard muso's!).
My great-grandfather Cecil used to play for my brother, sister & I when we were kids. He passed away when I was 10, but I still have vivid memories of him playing vigorously for us while slapping his knee or jumping around the lounge room! He could even play while standing on his head. He had talent that man!
 While I don't think I'm going to be able to master the headstands, I would like to be able to belt out a tune or two on this baby. Imagine the get-togethers!
This is the only photo I could find at my house of Pop. That's him in front, with me on his knee.

Ultimately, I would like to take a little bit from each of my grandparents to incorporate into my life. The best bits from each of them!

From Cecil, his rad harmonica skills
From his wife Lucy (in front), her amazing scones, baked fresh with every visit.
From Arthur (back right), his relaxed nature. He was such a gentle soul.
From Doreen (back, second from left), her dance style! And I have her looks already!
From Ellen (not pictured), her love of all animals (she often took in orphaned joeys and would have them hanging in a pillowcase from the kitchen door!). And her farmhouse decor!

I could go on forever about these lovely people, all gone except Doreen. They were exceptional people! I guess I could say they are my treasures!

What are your treasures? Please share!


  1. this is a great post rach. and that is one very cool harmonica. perhaps you could video for us all to see!! love the last photo especially. xo.

  2. Hey Rach, thats a great photo of the old family members. I can still remember them, but not quite as clearly. I do remember Pop chasing after you with his nail-less little finger however.....

  3. I love this - that photo, your pop, your family - what treasures! You've captured what keeping old treasures and collecting new ones is all about - the people or memories they remind us of that we want to hold hold on to.

    A hand standing pop playing a mean harmonica - Erm, what a legend!

    Let us know about your progress on learning to blow out some tunes - you would be making your pop smile/proud

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! Brings back cherished memories of my harmonica playing days!

    Family are treasures for sure - love your story of Grandad - he sounds cool.

  5. Oops, i forgot to link up! sorry! Love your harmonic, love that last pic too! x

  6. What gorgeous photos and awesome memories of your people. They sound like a great bunch!!

    rachel xo


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