Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A rad giveaway

Hey peeps!
Not a great deal of anything interesting happening around here lately, 
but we (at Modern Vintage) are hosting an ace giveaway
over at The Beetleshack blog this week.
Check it out and enter for a chance to score some pretty sweet goodies.

While you're out there surfing the interwebs, check out this:

Do you watch The Block?
I never remember to sit down and watch shows when they're on so I usually catch up on the website.
This year they've started The Block Shop which showcases a lot of awesome products which they love and  also some that they use on the show.
I was a tad excited when Tessa from DTLL said she had chosen Modern Vintage to be a part of it!
It's such a great opportunity and a privilege to be a part of.
This ampersand is just one of the products we have listed on The Block Shop.
It's also up for grabs in the giveaway. Go get it!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Meet the newest member of our family.
This little man is my nephew, the son of my husband's sister, also one of my best friends.

Joshua Paul Linke was very eager to meet everyone - he was welcomed into the world
on Tuesday the 5th of February at only 33 weeks, and weighing 4 pound 11 ounces.

 I'll be taking as many photos as I can of this little man before they have to go back to Kalgoorlie when he's big enough.
They live there and Kel was over here for a wedding when her waters broke, causing her to have to stay until the birth of her baby. That was 3 weeks ago.
I'm secretly so grateful that she was here when it happened so she could be close to family, otherwise she would have been flown to Perth with no family near by, apart from her husband.

So for now I am making the most of them being here, because before too long they'll be back home and he'll grow up and I'll miss it all!

He's been in a humidicrib since he was born, but I've been told he's kicking goals in the growing and getting strong department and was being moved into a normal crib this afternoon.

Tomorrow we're going to 'pimp his crib' with some cute baby bunting and a glittery name tag!

Aren't tiny babies just the most amazing things?
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