Monday, January 9, 2012

My home - unedited

Not cleaned specially for the photos. Just my home as is. Dishes piled high, laundry on the dining table, disgraceful kids rooms, dismantled christmas tree shoved in a corner, unmade beds, craft cupboard out of control. Not at it's worst though!
Meh, the kids are on holidays, what do you expect?

Ryleah was horrified when I told her I was putting her messy room on my blog! She tried - unsuccessfully - to block the camera with her blanket!

Do you find it hard to keep a clean house with kids, or is it just me??
(Mind you, I could be using this valuable time cleaning instead of blogging. Priorities!)


  1. Hey Rach, I found it hard keeping the house clean when i didn't have kids... hahaha It's actually cleaner (but not spotless by any means) now that i have a kiddie (coz i do it while he's sleeping and so hubby doesn't think i just sit around on the couch all day watching day time soaps.. :-)

    Makes me feel much better to see other peoples houses just as unorganized as mine :-) Love Ryleahs blanket did you make it?
    I love the different chairs around your dining table and also what's the picture near your craft cupboard? Looks cool :-)

  2. My favourites - your craft corner and your girls bedroom! They look eerily similar to mine!!! Well, until last night they did before I planted my laptop at my craft room door, slipped in a movie and spent two hours trying to make a dent in the mess!

  3. Nope, me too! I did some furniture re-arranging yesterday - I'm just finding mine are getting bored being home for longer than a few days..... time to go out tomorrow!

  4. no, you're NOT NORMAL are you? I live in filth. fact.

    your filth looks pretty stylish.

    xo em


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