Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A good looking gift

Pages from a vintage kids comic book as gift wrap?

Oh Yes!

Happy 12th Birthday to my wonderful son Jesse. Love you buddy. xx


  1. i read your comment over at dear olive and had a giggle. i am loving the vintage wrapping. what a cool looking comic book. xo.

  2. oh yes indeedy!

    happy birthday to your boy. birthdays in the hangover of christmas are a tough gig!

  3. Happy birthday Jesse - you have one cool Mumma!
    Oh and that wrapping paper is the best!

  4. oooh wow... 12 already! Happy Birthday Jesse. I hope you all have a swell time celebrating :) xo

  5. Awesome, awesome wrapping! (In fact, the friend who I stole my pom pom idea off gave me a present wrapped in the comic lift out of the newspaper and a pom pom. So, so good.) Kellie xx

  6. Happy birthday!
    Love that prezzie wrap and totally love all the unedited pics of your home. Makes me feel a bit normal in my chaos. x


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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