Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!
I'm loving today so far. It's been a bit productive and I feel like I can achieve so much today. I think it's because daylight savings has ended today and we get a whole extra hour! I even had my hair washed and blowaved by 10am! Never happens.

Today I plan on:
-crocheting a little something for a certain someone...
-putting 2 shelves up in my bathroom...
-getting a huge amount of washing done...
-spending time with Ryleah while Jesse is at his friend's house...
-teaching myself to knit (we'll start with an easy scarf!)
-feeding my sisters animals while she's away
-feeling relaxed while I do all of this!

Who knows what I'll actually get done though.

Here's some pics of what the last week has been for us.
 Alfie. Always Alfie.
 Making a present for Ben's birthday.
Mr too-cool-for-school.
 Winter woolies & short sleeves? Hey, she has an image to uphold!
The school pick up.
 Crochet cider cosy.
 Lunch at the local.
 Enjoying the sunshine.
 Laughing at names that are rude words.
 A mouse.
 Winning the claw game.
Late night Scrabble.
 Kitchen spruce up.
 More kitchen.
More kitchen again.
 Running in new purple jeans.
 A new crochet hat for winter.
The couch blanket project in new basket.

It has been a pleasant enough week, apart from the beginning which I won't go into. For me this year, I'm trying to make life full of simple pleasures. Minimal stress.

What's planned for your weekend?

While you're here, you may as well enter my giveaway. It's being drawn later today, so be quick!


  1. I just love your kitchen! And the rude names are funny!

  2. I'm feeling exhausted just reading your weekend! Loving that beer cooler by the way!!

  3. Great photos, looks like a fun week. I agree on the time going back an hour, made the day feel soooo much longer. But the beauty of that IS cramming more things into it. Look forward to seeing how the knitting project comes along xo

  4. Love your house, love your cider cosy, your fluffy dog, your crochet hats and that sweet painted face!

  5. Adore the feel of your kitchen, such character! And everyone should have purple jeans...

  6. It's now Monday so fess up and tell me how many things on that list you got done. I'd be impressed with a 1/4


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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