Monday, April 23, 2012

Cold weather blues

This weather. Blergh.

Today is cold, it is raining, it is dark, it is miserable. There was even a rumble of thunder.

2 days ago it was perfect. 26 degrees, sunny, no clouds. Then this.
When we get to this time of year, I have very mixed feelings.

Some things I hate, and some things I love.

I hate how dark the house gets, and the fact that I have to turn lights on during the day.
I hate that it takes a lot of motivation to get me moving. The sun seems to be energy for me!
I hate having to go outside when it's raining, and the bottom of my pants get all wet (cos I'm short and all my pants are too long!)
I hate that I have to dry Alfie's paws everytime he comes back inside, or risk having muddy footprints all over the carpet.
I hate that I can't get any decent photos inside, due to my lacking in good equipment

But there are quite a few things I love about the colder weather.
I love dressing in thick cosy tights with layers upon layers of singlets, dresses, cardis and jackets.
I love having the fire lit inside, just seeing it makes the home feel cosier!
I love it when the sun peeks through during or after rain - it makes the wet leaves on our gum trees look all glittery! 
I love cooking hearty, wholesome meals and soups. And roasts!
I love getting into bed with freezing feet and feeling the warm sheets from the electric blanket.
I love putting on my most bogan clothes and gumboots and going outside to tackle some wintry jobs, like digging a trench into the dam to stop water pooling in the paddock (ok so that's only happened a couple of times, but it was very satisfying seeing the dam water rise afterwards!)
Bonfires, I love bonfires!
And of course crochet on the couch watching movies, always a winner!
No muddy paws yet!
It's good to think of these things when the weather brings you down.

What about you? Do you like this weather?
What do you like the most about the colder months?


  1. I love this kind of weather! The winter fashion, cosy nights, red wine (although not at the moment!), wintery beach walks, cassaroles/soups/curries and lots of hot drinks. Although come August, I'm always really ready to see the sunshine again.
    Love your new blog look Rach! xx

  2. Oh I love the cold :) I love the fires your able to get away with, the food your able to get away with and for some reason everyone understands when you pull out your woolliest, ugliest but oh so comfiest jumper and your able to get away with it!!! Love your new header by the way x

  3. I don't do Winter all that well. If it's cold, but the sun is out, I get by. But the rain just depresses me. And I am with you, can't stand having to have the lights on inside during the day, so artificial.
    But I do love the snuggling up, the warm meals, the time to be indoors reading or crafting or watching movies. So, this time of year is not ALL bad xo

  4. You are an August baby like me sis; you should be lamenting the 26 degree days and pining for the cold as I do!
    I love a nice cloudy day, and if rainstorms come, all the better. Another awesome excuse to bring out the fingerless gloves I am so fond of wearing.

  5. Blah!! It only takes about 2 days of cosy fires and hearty soups for the novelty to wear off - I just get depressed and even more sloth like than usual. I can't seem to stay warm and that means I get nothing done as I park in front of the nearest heater and stay there.

  6. Oh it's getting chilly in Canberra, but every chance i get, i make sure i sit in some sunshine to read, even if it's cold, the clear skies fool me into thinking it's Summer, just a very cold one. I love being cosy, i don't mind being cold so long as i'm dressed for it (like school sports) but i don't like being wet, the rain can do what it's meant to do on the garden but soggy jeans at the bottoms is the pits, i'm a gum boot girl now, love Posie

  7. Im with you Rach, I struggle with the colder months and feel chilled to my bones pretty much all the time. Brrrr! Stay warm and enjoy todays sunshine!
    X Steph

  8. I'm with you on this weather, it's the insipid drizzle. Give me a cleansing, dramatic tropical thunderstorm any day!

    SO what I do is put on the lamps, cups of tea, some warm music, keep busy...

    I agreed with what you said about the garden in a previous post, the wintery blah highlights the jobs that need doing as the sun isn't bringing out the nice bits...


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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