Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holiday memories

This Friday we are packing our bags and heading to the beach. 
We'll be joining my parents who have been there for a week already. 
We will be camping in tents and caravans, with annexes and blow up mattresses.
We are going for 9 nights!
I can hardly wait.

For me I am so looking forward to unwinding, getting away from work, and just being able to play each day by ear. But mostly I'm looking forward to the kids having the most wonderful time of their lives!

As a kid, we would head to Warrnambool every Christmas holidays for 2 whole weeks. We would set up the tent, get out the badminton set, chuck on the togs and slather our faces in flouro zinc cream.
We made friends with any kids we saw and made regular trips to the caravan park canteen to buy pop rocks and hubba bubba. Life was so sweet!

I want so desperately for my kids to have these same experiences. We'll be lugging their bikes on the back of my little Nissan Pulsar so they can cruise around the park with the wind in their hair.
There will be Scrabble, Uno, badminton, tennis and fishing.
There will be many walks to the beach to watch the sun rise and set. 
Hopefully the laptop will get minimal use, maybe just a late night movie in the tent for the kids while the grown ups sip a cider or two.

For me, there will be reading, crochet and cider. And of course the great company of Ben and my parents. My bro and his family will also be there for Easter weekend. My sister's husband is on call at work so they had their holiday the weekend just gone.

I tried finding some old holiday snaps to show you, but it turns out I have very little here. Mum must have the rest. So would you like to see what I scrounged up? They are not quite what I was after but they will have to do! They are a bit random I'm afraid.
Excuse the fashion won't you?
Probably the only thing I will do different is I won't make my kids pose for terribly embarrassing photos. Like when Dad made Kate and I stand with our arms and legs out like a star with cheezels in our mouth. We were in our bathers and Dad took the longest time to take the photo! Kids were walking past looking and I could have died. I was maybe 10 at the time.
Now that I'm older I could see how it would be funny to my parents, ut I won't do that to my poor kids!
I can't promise that Dad won't do that though...

Do you have plans for Easter?


  1. sounds like holidays dreams are made of......enjoy x

  2. Haha, love pics of the good ol' days, great memories. Sounds like you've got a super Easter planned, I used to LOVE playing scrabble and Uno, awesome stuff. Enjoy your Easter Rach xo

  3. LOVE those old photos. Hope you have a ball. Holidays are the best x

  4. My Easter plans ... maybe a cuppa with you???

  5. Oh tonnes of fun. Lizeylou did a cute post about you, hello girls, love Posie


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