Saturday, April 14, 2012 snaps...

We're still here, in Ocean Grove, on our holiday. The weather has been bad, and the weather has been good. Today is perfect.

Our holiday has been all that I had hoped.
Relaxing - check
Crochet - check
Kids having kid fun - check
Uno - check

Mum and I even got a reasonable amount of shopping done, which is always good. (I got some Saltwater sandals! And some stripey socks to wear with them! I feel a bit hip!)

It would have been nice if Ben was with us, but someone's gotta bring home the bacon! And feed the farm full of animals.
A highlight for me was meeting a bloggy friend - the lovely Eliza from's Lizeylou!
We met up in her hometown of Barwon Heads, had lunch then browsed the shops. It was fun, and we had plenty of laughs! She's awesome!
I think it's cool meeting people you have never met but you already know. We were both a bit nervous at first. I felt like I was going on a date! We soon got chatting like normal friends do. Fun! I hope we do it again someday.
We forgot to take photos, so here's some more holiday snaps.
Today is my beautiful girl Ryleah's 10th birthday. We have taken it easy today, with a couple of beach trips, and will end the day with a hit of badminton. She has requested tacos for tea. And Ben will be coming after he finishes work so she will be super happy then.
I will do a post especially for Ryleah when I get home, and will show you some of my favourite photos from when she was little.

We will head home tomorrow. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again. It's so nice to go away but oh so nice to come home again!
I'm not so excited about school starting back again though.
Routine. Ergh.

What have you done over the school holidays?


  1. Great photos Rach, sounds like a great holiday.
    And how awesome you and Eliza got too meet!
    Happy birthday Ryleah!! xx

  2. Lovely, relaxing, beautiful photos Rach. Sounds like you've had the best time... if only holidays could go on forever! Loving that awesome cake, looks yum! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous gal! xo

  3. Happy Snaps are always the best.
    Some special moments captured and remembered for sure ...... happy birthday Ryleah, great cake btw! Yum x


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