Monday, March 26, 2012

Putting Alice back together - A giveaway!

As a mum, wife, and owner of 2 businesses, I always feel like there isn't enough time to fit everything into my life. I feel like something has to be shoved to the side in order to make other things happen.
I always find time for my creative projects, although this often means the washing is left in piles on the table (or still in the basket!) or my blog goes untouched for a while.

A few weeks ago I was invited to read a new book 'Putting Alice back together' which was written by Carol Marinelli. Carol is a mother from Melbourne who juggles work, family and household duties, and had still managed to write and have published this debut novel. I was interested right away as I love to read. I soon started thinking about Carol and wondering how on earth did she manage to write this? I was struggling just to find the time to read her book, and she had written one!

Carol has an interesting tip on this very thought.
She lives by the rule that you can do anything for 15 minutes.
Whether is be writing a book, writing your blog, doing the laundry, or crochet, if there's 15 minutes spare you can fit something in.
Well I like this way of thinking. Too often I'll find myself fluffing around wasting time if I think there's not enough time to do something. I guess I think that if there's not enough time to finish the job it's not worth starting, but I should really think of it as getting a head start! Especially with blogging as it can sometimes take forever just for one post.

Another great tip she has is: lose the guilt.
I'm sure most of you mothers out there would agree that there is an enormous amount of guilt when you are pursuing your own interests/dreams/careers. You think everything for your family needs to be perfect and feel like a failure if you don't meet the standard you hold for your home life.
The fact is, your children will feel loved whether or not the house is spotless all the time, whether or not gourmet meals are served every night, and they won't even feel neglected if you take a bit of time to do the things you like. It is hard I know. But I believe it is important to have a good mix of family time and you time. It helps you stay sane! I actually think it makes you a better parent too, more patient and less frustrated.
Now, back to the book!
Putting Alice back together is, as the title suggests, about 27 year old Alice. She is going through a rough patch in her life and is forced to come face to face with her problems instead of turning to wine and valium. 
What follows is Alice's turbulent journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.
Marinelli touches on some very common and real issues that affect so many of us - financial debt, career confusion, depression & anxiety, disfunctional relationships, substance & alcohol abuse and a broken heart. Plus Alice is hiding a deep dark secret she's been trying to forget for years, which is starting to tear her life apart.

I found this book to be a very 'real' read, I felt as if I knew Alice and could appreciate what she was going through. I was completely immersed in the story of Alice and couldn't wait to see how her life panned out. I was mentally cheering for her and wanting to see her life take a turn for the best.

I loved Putting Alice back together and now one of my lucky readers has a chance to win their very own copy to read and love too!
Simply leave a comment on this post and I'll draw the winner next Sunday the 1st of April!

and Harlequin Books are giving one lucky person the chance to win a $500 debit card! Enter here.
Putting Alice Back Together by MIRA is available for purchase now - online at Harlequin books or in store nationally RRP AU$29.99 


  1. I need a new book to read and this one sounds just what I need! Thanks for the chance.

  2. oohhhh....this maight be nice to add to my 12 in 12!
    Hope your enjoying your week :)

  3. i love the 15 minute rule! i think i'll try that... your comment "if there's not enough time to finish the job it's not worth starting" is how i have felt and boy, time can be elusive. the book sounds great, i loved your review x

  4. oh I love both of those tips, the 15 minute rule and the guilt thing - brilliant!

    The book sounds interesting, I like reading and hearing about other people's journeys of self acceptance.

  5. Erm, that was an awesome book review - I immediately want to read it.

    The 15min thing - such good advice - I'm trying it tomorrow.

  6. As always i love reading your posts Rach, maybe you could start doing reviews as well coz you made it sound appealing :-). funny you should mention the 15 minute thing coz i've been giving myself 15 minutes to get dishes washed and dried every night coz i hate doing them. :-)


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