Saturday, April 21, 2012


This year, thanks to a little inspiration from Fox's lane, I decided to make jam.

We have an abundance of blackberries that grow on and around our property, so Ryleah, Alfie and I got to work picking. I didn't need a ridiculous amount as I'm the only one that eats jam in my house so we collected around 1 kilo. It was enough to make 5 or 6 jars. Plenty for me and some for friends and family too!

I also bought some fresh strawberries from a guy who was selling them in town. He was like a door to door strawberry salesman! They were big and juicy looking, yum. I would make jam from these as my first test batch. I thought it might be nice with apples too so strawberry and apple jam it was.

The first batch was a huge success. I never realised just how easy it was to make jam! Have you ever tried it?  I used CSR jam setting sugar so it already had all I needed in it's little pack. Is that cheating? Cos I feel like it was too easy. 

All you need to do is:

Wash, dry & sterilize your jars, then pop them into a hot oven. It's important for you to have hot jars otherwise the glass will shatter when you pour the hot jam in.
Peel/chop/blend your fruit
Simmer it over a low heat with an equal amount of sugar (I used 1 kilo of fruit : 1 kilo sugar) until the sugar has dissolved
Bring to the boil for 4 minutes
Pour into hot jars
See, too easy right?
If you havn't made jam before, you really should give it a go!
It is really satisfying when you spread it onto a nice homemade scone.
Old fashioned goodness!


  1. Really? Inspired by me? First time?????
    By the look of all your pics I assumed you were a seasoned jam maker.
    I am super impressed.
    Maybe you'll have to make a few more jars next year and sell them in your shop??
    looks so good. xx

  2. To share with family and friends you say? As someone who shares 25% of your genes, I think that qualifies me for some tasty jam, yes?

  3. That really DOES look easy Rach... and So incredibly delicious! We're big jam fan's here, so this is something that would go down well. Thanks for sharing... and the inspiration! xo

  4. My mum is a jammy maker! Love the homemade stuff, especially her quince jelly! You've done a great job with yours.

  5. Yum Rach! you are so clever!!
    Have I said I love the new blog look? well I do!! ace! xx


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