Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tough life lessons

Today was the saddest day of my life because my bird Archie passed away. It made my day just hearing him sing. And seeing him poke his head out of his cage made me laugh. And seeing him sleeping. He was my best friend but now that he has gone I will never be happy again. I loved him so so so so so so much! Even though I didn't have him for long I still loved him. I don't think there's another bird as good as Archie :(

Lots of love from Ryleah

P.s I will never forget you Archie :(

Today has been a hard day for Ryleah.
It has been one of those life lessons type of days.

You see, 2 days ago her beloved cockatiel Archie (you may have met him back here) died.
It isn't clear what has happened to him. Ben was looking after all the pets while we were away, and he found him under Ryleah's bed (he had a cage but it was always open for him to fly around the house). Just one of those things I suppose.

Anyway, I found out straight away when Ben called, but I had a dilemma. Ryleah was excited, so excited for her birthday the next day, and I didn't want to ruin her day, or the build up to it. So I waited. I had dreams about it last night! I didn't want to have to tell her.
I knew I had to tell her before we got home, but how? When? Where?
I didn't want her running to her room to see him only to find an empty cage, Archie nowhere to be seen. I didn't want to tell her as we were packing up the tent and leaving, it didn't feel right. I couldn't tell her while we were driving home, how could I comfort her if I was driving?

In the end I decided to take the kids to a secluded part of beach on our way home. I broke the news to her gently while we were sitting on the sand watching the waves. It was so hard. I mean, to me he was just a bird, but to her, well, he was her baby! She was the only one he would let near him. They were buddies. She broke down immediately, and I felt like the worst person ever. Did I do the right thing bringing her there to tell her? I don't know. I don't think it would have made it easier being anywhere else.
She has been sobbing on and off all day, and it breaks my heart. It is the worst part about having pets you love. She is a caring soul, so I knew it would hit her hard.

I remember being her age and my guinea pig caught pneumonia. I sat with that poor little thing all day in front of the heater, turning her every now and again to try to keep her warm. I can still remember her little groans as I moved her. A futile attempt but one full of love, and I blamed myself when she eventually passed away. I can see that Ryleah would do the exact same thing.

I know that having pets is a great lesson for children in love and in loss. If only it was just a bit easier on them when the loss happens.

Btw-cuddles with other pets can help ease the pain a little :)


  1. Oh that's just so sad, Rach. Poor Ryleah. Her letter to Archie is just lovely. It shows a good heart full of compassion and gentle understanding. x

  2. Oh Rach, that news is heartbreaking for your little Ryleah. Poor little thing. I can still remember when my cats were hit by cars and killed. The first time was devastating and then it happened AGAIN! I also cried for days when our dalmatian had to be put down... I was 18 at the time. So that feeling of loss for pets just never goes away. Hope she is feeling better very soon xo

  3. Rach, what a hard thing to have to do and then to watch poor Ryleah be so sad is just heartbreaking.
    I hope Ryleah is ok and I think your a great mum x

  4. Beautifully done - it was never going to go well but you seem to have made it as good as it could be.

  5. Im so sorry Rach ,they are so much apart of our lives our beloved pets,big (((HUGS)))) to you


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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