Monday, April 30, 2012

Still the weekend

A lot of people complain about Mondays. Not me. I love Mondays.
I work Saturday and get Sunday & Monday off, so it's a part of my weekend really. And there's the added bonus of having the kids at school so I can get things done without hearing any whining.

The weekend was busy but pretty relaxed, which is how all weekends have been lately. I havn't wanted to go anywhere. I think the craziness of January is still playing with me.

A lot of housework was done, which is boring but I am very pleased now to feel organised. 

Ryleah had some birthday money to spend, so we went to our favourite shop Ruth's and she got herself a metal give way sign (she has a thing for signs!) and a vintage sewing machine.
Her love for all things old has started very young. 

I have been doing a lot of online research into some new stock for my shop. It's exciting stuff!
Looks like a trip to India might be in store. They have amazing textiles over there.
I have been baking too.
It keeps my kitchen warm on these crisp days.
There has been crochet, of course.
And some stitiching to decorate my bedroom.
And animal love to make it complete!

Today I think I'll make a banana cake.

How was your weekend?
Do you like Mondays?


  1. yum now I'm craving banana cake. all your pictures have a beautiful warmth to them. I like mondays too, the beginning of the week, even though for me it isn't a weekend day :-)

    xx georgi

  2. Yep...big fan of mondays especially knowing they are my Rouge and mummy days......enjoy your week :)

  3. All sounds (and looks) beautiful to me Rach! I also like to bake to keep the house warm, especially when I'm trying to reach the end of May before I put the heater on... a silly private bet hubby and I indulge in every year!
    A trip to India sounds a wee bit too exciting for words.
    LOVE that beautiful crochet seat, amazing!
    And your animals are gorgeous, I would cuddle the daylights out of that pussy cat xo

  4. Gosh you have been busy! I don't mind Mondays, for the same reason, although my kids aren't at school yet, its a catch up day for me.
    Have a lovely week. xx

  5. I like Mondays...for the moment!

    It's just Lexi and I home as Corben is in daycare. That's only for a couple more weeks though, then he'll be home with me full time. Then the days will just be one great big blur anyway!

  6. Hi, do you have a pattern for that footstool crochet cover? I picket up a cool footstool recently but it needs some love...


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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