Friday, April 20, 2012

Sweetness in a bottle

The house might be in a state of disarray, but at least these cute flowers in vintage bottles and vases make it look pretty!
I love fresh flowers, but I hardly ever buy them. I just forget.
These ones are just from the local supermarket, but I think they look so sweet!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Oh they are so sweet, exquisite little frilly things... they look like mini dahlia's to me... but then, what do I really know about horticulture. Have a lovely weekend Rach xo

  2. They are sweet indeed and your photos are definitely making them looking irresistable

  3. Don't a few flowers make such a difference! I love to treat myself and our home too, spreading the goodness out into as many little vases and rooms as I can :)


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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