Sunday, January 27, 2013


Australia Day.
A day to get together with family and friends, have a BBQ, a few beers (or ciders!) and chill out.
A day to appreciate this truly beautiful country we live in.
A day to wear temporary tattoos of the flag, wear clothing with the flag on it, a flag sombrero, or just wear a flag in some way!
A day to slather flouro zinc cream on your nose and shout "Aussie Aussie Aussie!" and know that someone will always reply "Oi Oi Oi!"

We didn't end up going to the Australia Day party that we usually go to.
It's always a blast, but for some reason I just feel pooped, like I'm still getting over the silly season plus the birthdays that follow it.
Instead we opted to stay at home with the kids pool and our barbie.
There was some games and an attempt at kite flying in the morning, 
then my sister and her family came over and we all chilled together.

Can I just take this opportunity to express just how much I love these guys?
I think I am so lucky to have such caring and genuine people in my family- people who I count among my best friends as well.

We havn't had such a nice day together in a while.
You know the days where you just sit and talk, and really catch up on what's been happening.
And just relax. It was good, really good.
 And Australia Day isn't Australia Day without the good old fireworks by the lake.
They were magnificent this year.
There's something about fireworks, something magical and I sit there oohing and aahing with the rest of the crowd.
I love every minute.
My photos were all crap because I forgot to bring my camera and the iphone can't handle the focus with fireworks! So this one is courtesy of The Courier.
All in all an awesome day.
How did you celebrate Australia Day?

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