Thursday, January 3, 2013


I can't believe that Christmas has been and gone already!
Such a big build up for just one day, it seems crazy.

The usual suspects gathered at the folks in the afternoon and settled in for a big couple of days.
We were joined this year by my Nan & her husband, my Uncle, his partner & 3 giant teenage cousins.

We played baseball which the kids loved, and later on after quite a few beverages
(and once the littles were in bed), we cracked out the karaoke and sang the night away.

Highlight of the night:
10 adults doing the Gangnam style dance.
Nan was confused and unimpressed!
We had planned on taking lots more photos like this past Christmas, but didn't end up doing it.
You know how sometimes you just get caught up in the moment and forget? Yeah, that happened.
There was a few more shots from later in the night but they are a bit messy!

How did you celebrate Christmas?
Did anyone else have a family game of baseball?

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