Monday, January 7, 2013


My Dad is a clever guy.
He can build like a pro, and has some pretty amazing looking machinery in his shed.
He isn't a builder by trade, but perhaps he should have been.
He built the desk at Modern Vintage, and even made the timber bench tops by gluing, planing, sanding and lacquering small pieces of wood together.
Most recently he made my brother-in-law the most amazing table for his bar from red gum sleepers.

He's always helped me out with small jobs like new shelving and he even made me a screen printing bench, but lately, as he's stepped back from his shop, he's been yearning for a bigger job.

So...he's offered to re-do my kitchen.
Yep, the whole lot - cabinets, bench tops, everything.

I was so thrilled with the thought of timber bench tops! It's always been something I love.

But very quickly the plan has changed from simply renewing the cabinets to quite a large kitchen renovation.
All of a sudden we are knocking walls out, and extending our bedroom and laundry as well!
These are plans Ben and I have discussed before but were long ago put in the 'too big, too hard' box.
But Dad is keen. So I'm excited!!
I love my little kitchen the way it is now, but the renovations are going to open up the space and make the neighbouring room more functional.
We will have a big island bench, timber floors put down, and a butler's pantry.

At the moment I am going over everything in my head trying to figure out how it will all look, and the space I will have. There's string taped the the floor where walls will be to help visualise. I'm trying to figure out what cupboard space I need, what I would like in drawers rather than cupboards (nearly everything!), and how to lay out the pantry so it is as functional as possible.
There will be a place for everything!

I have of course been going crazy on Pinterest trying to find the exact look that I want.
It's fun but sometimes I look for too long and my brain starts to hurt so I need to
step away for a while. Haha!!

I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any tips for me, as in anything I should steer clear of or something that changed your life for the better.
This is my chance to get everything perfect!


  1. How exciting, Rach. Whatever you do will be gorgeous - you have such great taste! Can't wait to follow along. Xx

  2. It will be awesome I know it.Is your Dad able to be hired out ?

  3. How lovely to be at that exciting planning stage! We did something similar a couple of years ago. We added an extension and completely overhauled the kitchen. Ours looks similar to the styles above. I love our island it's proved invaluable and I had it in granite and our work tops in oak. I use it for baking and pastry making etc but I really wish we'd put a pop up electric socket in it. We also didn't go for wall cupboards and its really opened up the room and we still have plenty of storage. Have fun! Claire x

  4. I love the arrangement you made on your kitchen. You have all the basic cooking tools in place together with a few decorative ornaments. The kitchen is one of the most common spots for fire in the house, so it’s a good idea to not let clutter accumulate in the area.


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