Thursday, January 17, 2013

{52 WEEKS OF HAPPY} 10/52

Oops, missed a week. Typical.

I've been having a lovely time this week.
I have had the week off work, and I would like to be able to say that I've filled my time in wisely and efficiently, but unfortunatley that isn't the case.

I had a bad dose of kankles at the start of the week after a nasty sunburn on this day.
So of course I needed to sit watching movies and crocheting to cure that.

Then I just had a plain old lazy day on Tuesday.
Not a nice lazy day though, the kind where you really feel like you should be doing this or that,
but there just isn't a single bone in your body that is willing to help you get it done.
I disliked that day.

Yesterday I tried to make up for that before having to come back to work today.
So yeah, I got a little baking done and a small amount of cleaning.

Highlight of my week:
I bought a whole bunch of vintage fowler's jars to put all my baking goods into for my spectacular
butler's pantry that I will soon own!
It will look marvelous!

Today I bought a labeller.
No stopping me now.

I've been doing some other things too:
 1. I got some new lady ducks from this lovely lovely lass.
2. Have finished all the squares for Ryleah's blanket, now to crochet them together.
3. Giant cross stitch, just needs a border.
4. The awesome fowler's jars, ace new labels coming soon.

Joining in with Jen.

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