Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It's been 3 weeks since I last visited this little place!
Life has of course been busy with Christmas and New year, and now is the time to wind down and relax, and try to catch up on those things that got left behind.

I was trying to set myself a goal of at least one post on here per week in the form of '52 weeks of Happy'.
Well I have still been taking photos, just not blogging them,
so this post shall be a catch up for the last 3 weeks that I missed.

Sorry to bore you Sarah* with another of these posts! There should be some more interesting posts coming up soon. Maybe...

 1. snow dome making
2. quiet time with Alf
3. christmas candies
4. presents done
5. christmas morning
6. happy with her gummy bear lamp
7. a new nerf gun
8. my neice Gypsy
9. a boxing day birthday
10. admiring my kitchen
11. time to play games
12. sunshine snoozing
13. new pool

Joining in with Jen

*Sarah is a good friend of mine who I recently found out is a blog lurker - she reads my blog regularly and I had no idea! She complained about my 'boring' 52 weeks of Happiness posts! Hehe!

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  1. Oh my! The homemade snow domes are adorable! Cant believe she called you boring... shame on you Sarah. I love visiting your happy little place!


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