Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday's treasures - a vintage cash register

Whoops, almost forgot Tuesday's Treasure this week! Very slack. By the time I remembered it was too dark to take any decent photos, so I've used a couple I took weeks ago.
Here we have our new/old cash register for Modern Vintage.

These things are very hard to come by! Mum and I did a little dance when we found this baby at the Daylesford Mill Market. It works too, and I still have a little giggle everytime I serve someone and hear the 'cha-ching!" 

Righto guys, you'd better make up for my slackness and show us what treasures you have. Link up below!


  1. I love it so much and think it's so cool that you can actually use it!

  2. That vintage cash register looks gorgeous! You have great taste;)


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