Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To market, to market...

It's almost market time again, and I have some new and exciting things in the works...
I am very much looking forward to having something new for this market. As much as I still love making the brooches and pendants, it can get a little boring when you're making them in bulk. Luckily, I made a truck load last year and still have plenty this time around.
You should totally come and visit  me at the market if you're around the area! Yeah!


  1. I have just added this date to my diary and trust me if I can get there I will, and I will not leave until I get to say hello in person - bit exciting!

  2. It's awards season Rachel - and it's your turn to take the stage so start practising your speech and break out the frock.... pop over to Chalk & Talk to pick it up.


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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