Monday, February 13, 2012

Jesse's room

Wow! The past week has been busy!
I have made the most of my spare time, what with the kids back at school and no more weekend plans, and have been making a fair dent in my to-do list.

I finished Jesse's room. Finally!
His bed has no bed head and really looked unfinished, so I painted this strip up the wall in the same paint as his feature wall, then added the old window frame I picked up for $5 from a demolition yard. He can put whatever he wants in the frame, I just popped in a couple of photos and an old scrabble board to get the ball rolling.
For his bedside lamp, I picked up this cheap shed work light from Bunnings & hung it from a hook from the ceiling.

I just love decorating my kids rooms. I want them to feel like their space is cosy and inviting, while also feeling like it suits their style. It must be a retreat, somewhere nice to chill out and watch movies, but also a cool place to hang out with their friends.

Have you seen the latest edition of Inside Out? They have an article on kids room decor. It's well worth checking out, there's some great ideas for snazzing up your kids bedrooms.
 Ryleah want this in her room
How cut is this little girls bed?

Thought I'd throw in a couple of photos of Ryleah's room while we're at it!
Haha! Who knows what's going on in this girls mind!

Do you love decorating your kids bedrooms?


  1. Oh I love it! Well done Rach!
    I am in the process of scouring Etsy for ideas for our new baby's room. I can't wait to have it all set up. I think the kid's rooms are the most fun to decorate. xx

    1. How exciting to be able to decorate a baby's room! I missed that with both my kids as we were living with my in-laws with Jesse and about to move with Ryleah. Have fun with it!

  2. Hey Rach, Lookin good but I wouldn't have expected anything else. What's the colour of Jesse's feature wall it looks a lot like the one we have in our lounge ;-)

  3. Jessie is one lucky boy, Rach. I absolutely love everything about this room. Perfect for a growing boy. Creative, restful, edgy, FAB. x

  4. your kids have the coolest rooms rach. levi is due for a makeover. we are currently planning such a thing. i wish i could pack him off for a week just to be done with it. kids!! love your style. xo

    1. I know, it's hard to do their rooms while they are around. I finished Jesse's while he was at school!

  5. how good does it look! AWESOME! I'm so going to do a bedside lamp like that! best.

    xo em

    1. Yes! The lamps are ace and are so cheap and easy!

  6. Your whole house is AMAZING! xx

  7. This room looks fantastic, and on a budget too - you wouldn't know! Thanks so much for solving our dining table lack of lighting dilema, heading off the the hardware shop asap to buy one of those shed lights - brilliant!
    Ryleah's room is gorgeous too, that granny quilt was a great find, and I LOVE the patchwork one you made for her too :)
    oh, and while I'm showing the love... your house is gorgeous! So glad I found your beautiful blog - thanks for sharing your life with us. From one of your childhood photos I think we are about the same age :)


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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