Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures - little stools

I'm giving myself (and you if you want!) an excuse to take photos of all the wonderful things I love. Every Tuesday I will be hosting 'Tuesday's treasures', where I will post photos of my chosen object for the week. Many photos probably! 
Do you want to join me?
Your treasure might be something you've just purchased or acquired, or something you've had a while. It might be brand spanking new, or second hand. Who cares? I want to see it! 

I have a real soft spot for little timber stools. My three have such character, and when piled high like this, I find them so pleasing to the eye!
The little one on top is from my last trip to China. I found it amongst a massive pile of mini stools - I was in heaven! They would have been used to shine shoes, or for milking. We bought back quite a few for Modern Vintage, but this little one was coming home with me. We were told the stools were as old as 200 years. It blows my mind to think something can be so old! I don't think mine is quite that old, but it certainly does have some age to it.

The other two are from little antique junk shops around this area. They would have been used as milking stools I assume.

Do you have some treasures to share today?


  1. Have a few of these style stools myself! I love how they look, how they just hide away under tables easily and how they are so handy for the kids and their numerous friends for siting on, let alone me using it as a step! Thanks for sharing.....i wouldn't know where to begin showing my treasures lol

  2. How great do they look stacked up like that ... love that they tell a story.
    Your house is seriously cool!

  3. love the feel of these photos rach. those stools are awesome. xo

  4. These stools are to die for! We have a yellow one where the paint is peeling away - just perfect!
    I love these photos of your stools too. GREAT great Great!


  5. oh these are fabulous rach. LOVE them. Like this Tuesday treasures idea too. x

  6. Oh these are so cute. They remind me of many little bits of wooden furniture my parents AND grandparents had floating around the house and shed, when I was little. You could give them a makeover... but then they'd lose their character somewhat, besides they look so full of rich history :o) xo

  7. Great stools, they'd look fab in a kids room, my kids room in fact! Ax

  8. these are so beautiful! Love their colours, worn patina and how they look stacked on top of each other! Gorgeous!!


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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