Friday, February 17, 2012


I have had some serious blogger love of late, and I am feeling it, oh yeah!

A couple of weeks ago, the very lovely Jen gave me an award which is passed from blog to blog, and I think it's a great way to let people know you love what they do and also to share blogs to other people!
I must apologise to Jen for being sooo slack in passing this award on!

Then just today Jenny also gave me an award, a bit like the one above, so I am a bit chuffed!

So, for the first award, I must answer a few questions. Alright then!

{Favourite song}
Yikes! Well, I don't have a favourite song, there are so many from over the years that I love and that stir up a lot of memories. Cop out!!
I guess lately my fave would have to be Brother by Matt Corby,
and I'm digging Shake it out by Florence and the machine
{Favourite dish}
Anything with pumpkin in it
{What makes you irritated?}
Flies that can't take the hint that I actually don't want them on my eyeball, up my nose or in my ear.
{When I'm upset}
I clean like a mad woman
{Favourite Pet}
{Black or White?}
{My greatest fear}
Not being with my kids when they need me the most
{My everyday attitude}
Pretty chilled I guess?
{What is perfection for me?}
Happy kids, happy husband, an ice cold glass of coke zero, crochet & new episodes of 30 Rock
(all at once preferably!)
{My bad habits}
Coke zero!

Now, seven things about me:
  • I love soggy tomato sandwiches. Not that I eat them anymore, (who has time to let them go soggy??) but I have great memories from being at Primary School & getting my soggy tomato sandwich out...good times!
  • I wish I could take the kids on more family holidays. I loved it when I was young and want them to have those memories too.
  • I have been in love with my husband since I first laid eyes on him in year 11, 1996!
  • I dribble in my sleep. Sometimes I wake up with it in my hair.
  • I love my businesses, but would really love to be a stay at home mum
  • I'm learning to play the harmonica at the moment, but highly doubt I'll have the confidence to play for anyone!
  • When I was a teenager I wanted to be a Mum more than anything in the world. I had no career aspirations at all, but thought I might make a good artist! Studied Visual Arts at Uni for 6 months, dropped out and fell pregnant with Jesse. I was wrapped.
Now to pass the award on to 5 other blogs I love(with less than 200 followers). In no particular order:

Now for the next award!

Liebster in German means...

favourite, dearest, beloved

and it's for bloggers with under 200 followers.

How lucky am I getting to mention another fabulous 5 blogs?

Gah, that is so hard! There is so many blogs I love and I don't want to leave anyone out!

Well, thanks so much ladies, it has been a pleasure to hand these awards on to these lovely blogs.


  1. I love this Rach! It was great to find a little more about you. I adore that you and Hubby are high school sweethearts - just gorgeous.
    Thank you so much for my award! Your blog is one of my favourites, so it means a lot to me. :) Does this mean I fill in the questions too?
    Have a happy weekend lovely. xxx
    ps. LOVE Florence too (gee, there's a lot of love in this comment!).

  2. Awesome! I love being able to check out blogs I haven't stopped by before so thanks for the lists.

    I totally feel the same Rachel, I love my business but dream of staying at home full time. One day. :) Nice to know a little bit more about you. xo

  3. Good for you! These bloggy awards are great for introducing new bloggers - and love the facts about you too. x

  4. Thank you! I am very flattered;)

  5. Thank you cool chick - you're very kind!

  6. Thanks lovey! Love finding out new things about my internet peeps! I will get onto this -thanks for passing the love!


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