Monday, July 4, 2011


Yesterday Mum gave me a massive shopping bag full of walnuts that she'd picked up on a recent trip to Torquay.  My goodness they are so delicious!

What should I do with them all? There's too many to eat just as they are. What are your suggestions?


  1. waldorf salad and an episode of Fawlty Towers!

  2. I’ve taken a bunch of them to work today as healthy snacks, though its not too discrete when I have to bang the last one on my desk to crack it open.
    Anyhow, as for alternate uses bar eating, check out this article showing how you can use a walnut to buff out dings in wooden furniture:

  3. Haha! I didn't mean alternate uses for the walnut, just some recipes to put them in rather than just cracking them open and eating them as they are! Twit!
    And have you ever heard of a nut cracker?! I'll get you one for your birthday!

  4. But I will keep that in mind when I need to buff out a ding in my furniture!


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