Saturday, July 16, 2011

A little sunshine in a gloomy world

I'm so over winter. I feel like we've had cold greyness for a billion kazillion years. We had no summer, we were ripped off big time! This can't be good for ones vitamin D intake.

On Saturday's, I start work at 8am. That's right, feel sorry for me. It's so hard to get out of bed in the morning when the rest of your family is snug in bed with no intentions of getting up for another few hours, but this morning was particularly hard. It was something like -2 degrees! Freezing inside, but my toes almost snapped off when I stepped outside! 

The car was iced over completely so out came the saucepan with warm water. Let me tell you it doesn't feel so warm when the windscreen wipers splash it back all over you, bastard! Yep a great start to the day!

Look at that, how depressing

Driving along down the road, my windscreen then iced over again! That's cold I reckon.

As much as I hate these mornings, there is always the beautiful sunrise I get to witness as I'm driving though the countryside. The phone didn't quite capture it's beauty of course. 

On a winters morning I'm in the right place at the right time every Saturday. It is a spectacular view, a very colourful artwork rising above Mt Buninyong. It only lasts a few minutes, and I am grateful that I get to see it every week. 

Linking up to Maxabella loves so we can all see what everyone is grateful for this week!

{I just started using Instagram yesterday, and so far it has given me the shits big time! I had 3 more photos for on this blog of my frozen car and frozen paddocks, just to show you how cold it was, and the bloody things won't load! It just says failed over and over again. Not grateful for that! Boo to Instagram.}


  1. i find instagram a bit confusing too - although i think even if they say failed they should be saved on your phone under camera roll?? icy windscreens, oh brr! i love both pictures though, they're beautiful. x

  2. Well, I started feeling really, really sorry for poor you having to get up and go to work on a Saturday... and then I saw that sunrise and realised that you have that perfect moment to yourself every Sat morn and now - well, I'm not feeling one bit sorry for you (except for the Instagram issues - so annoying!) x

  3. Mornings are often the most beautiful time of the day..and the most peaceful. It is like everything is new every morning!

  4. I hear you, so over winter too.. my car windows were iced up early this morning too when i left for work. have a lovely weekend. xx

  5. Oh my god - that 2nd picture is stunning.
    Lets face it winter sucks ... but that sunrise STUNNING!!

  6. Wow - beautiful view.
    Mornings are the best! The crisper the better (although many think we quite odd for feeling that way ;-)

  7. I'm still getting my head round instagram. Sorry about the early starts, I've had a few of those recently and man it is COLD!!!!! Here's to a lovely week ahead!

  8. Some of us like the winter sis! You can always rev up your vitamin D intake by eating some mushrooms that have either grown in the sun, or been exposed to UV rays while they were growing. it can provide 100% of your daily needs apparently.


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