Monday, July 11, 2011


A quick trip to the salvos today got us a couple of treasures!
First of all we found this Paul Frank T for $5. Looks pretty awesome on Jess with his new shirt!
(Isn't he cute!)

I also picked a couple of old nursery rhyme books for chopping and making into brooches and pendants. There's some really cute pictures so I think they'll come up great!

Hhhm, dunno about this guy though!
 The kids saw some things they wanted, like a foosball table and dart board, but it isn't the cheapest oppy around so they weren't bargains I didn't think.
Do you have a great op shop, guaranteed to find a dirt cheap bargain?


  1. I love those illustrations - they are gorgeous! And a cool t-shirt too, looks good with the shirt. I have a favourite St. Vincent's opshop, run by rather old ladies who mutter under their breath about technology when you pay by eftpos and invariably give you the wrong change when you pay by cash. They are so lovely though, always say something nice about whatever you purchase. I have picked up some 100% wool cardigans from there for $3 - great for winter! xx

  2. Lookin good! i picked up a few things yesterday at my local op shop.. love finding little treasures, and you scored well today!

  3. seriously lady, did you cut this cuties hair? I need you!!!

  4. Georgi, those op shops are the best! Old fashioned, they don't know how good their stuff is so keep it really cheap!

    Jody, thankyou, I thought I did well too! Treasure hunting's the best!

    Em, yes, I cut his hair! How cool is it! He has great hair to work with. You can come and visit, I'll do your hair and you can shop in Modern Vintage too!

  5. What gorgeous books - cant wait to see the wonderful things you make from them.
    Oh and my little man just saw your little mans hair and has asked to have his like that .... I agree with Em from Beetle Shack - I need you too!!


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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