Saturday, July 9, 2011

My bush backyard

I love my backyard - lots of gum trees, rolling hills, a big dam for summer swimming, and native animals!

These guys were in the front paddock last week, and a huge roo was right at our back door last night. When I see them, I can't stop myself from standing there and watching them until they hop away.
The best kangaroo encounter was on Christmas morning 2 years ago - we were outside with the kids on their quad bikes Santa had bought them, and in the next paddock 2 big boys were having a bit of a scruff. We stood there for ages watching them, it was unreal!
The worst was when I drove down our driveway and a poor girl was lying there with a snapped leg. She had a little joey in her pouch and kept on eating grass for it even though she would have been in agony. It was heartbreaking to see, and she had to be put down, the joey went to a rescue shelter.

We've also had an echidna try to burrow into a pot plant (so cute!), a snake almost bite my daughter (not so cute) and a mother koala with baby on her back running across the paddock. Did I mention our tame Currawong 'Shadow'? While I was painting the outside of our house, he liked to hop in my paint tray & steal my brushes, and climb up on the ladder behind me and peck my heels! He helped me build the kids fort too!

Looking at these photos has made me really miss summer, even more than I already was!

It is so beautiful here, I am grateful for it everyday.
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  1. Fab picks and good to see how the other half live too.

  2. ooh that pic of your daughter in the water is magic! beautiful

    xo em

  3. looking at these pictures makes me feel warm - it is so nice to remember summer. I stopped by your blog from maxabella - i hope you don't mind a new follower. x

  4. Your photo's are hubby & I have been dreaming of moving to the country and your pictures make me want to all the more :)
    Suzie xx

  5. Look at you with your big hammer and your wood and all that. You look very professional (and cute!).

    Love your world, really I do! x


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