Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The other night Ryleah and I were going through some photos looking for some pictures of
her and her best friend Steph.
As always happens, we got sidetracked and found ourselves going through all the old folders from years ago and reminiscing about when the kids were little.
I don't know if it's because the kids are getting so much older or if it's because I'm getting so much older, but looking back certainly got me a bit choked up!

It made me realise I miss a few things.
I miss their cute little tiny baby faces.
I miss their little baby teeth!
I miss being able to dress them in whatever I liked, and do their hair in fun hairstyles.
I miss the cute smiles Ryleah would do for the camera (now I get a bewildered look)
and the silly faces Jesse used to pull (he now claims he can't make funny faces for a photo, fear of looking uncool I think!)
I really miss how they used to be so cute together. Ryleah is so reluctant to be affectionate towards Jesse, but he would gladly cuddle her all day. Poor boy!

Having said that, I really love the age that they're at now.
They are really turning into their own people, with their own opinions.
I love sitting and listening to them having conversations with other adults, it makes me proud to hear them interacting as mature people.
I still get lots of cuddles which is great even though I almost get knocked over when
they run up for a big hug!
And they're funny. Like, really funny!
It's absolutely crazy the amount a child can change in even as little as 1 year.
Jesse is 2cm off being as tall as me now, and has a thickening layer of dark peach fuzz on his upper lip.
He mentioned puberty today. Puberty!!
Ryleah too is growing taller, but her personality often has me forgetting that she is only 10. Sometimes I treat her as if she's older, then I try to stop that because before too long she will be older and my little kid will be gone.
I'm excited to see how the kids grow up and into teenagers and then adults, but I'm sad at the thought of no kids being around.
Will they want to hang out and talk with me like they do now?
Who will I make cool things for?
What if time goes too fast and I don't make the most of it?

How do you feel about your kids getting older?
{While writing this post, Jesse has come out of bed twice just to give me a hug.
He really is the sweetest thing.}


  1. this is so beautiful! i struggle, but also so enjoy each new phase. my eldest is seven, so just starting to see the emerging human. and it looks pretty good so far. it's nice to lean back in your chair, fold your arms and think, 'yeah, we did ok there. worth all the hard work' :)sarah

    1. I remember my son turning 7 and it seemed like such a big step!
      It is hard to see them growing up sometimes, but very rewarding seeing the beautiful people they become!

  2. My guys are only 7, 5 and 2 and already i look back and think ohhhhhh!Photos are so important to remind us how quick things change and how special each moment is. I love the idea of all cramming into a photo both :) Perhaps an annual cram, just to catch the years......


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