Thursday, November 8, 2012


Alfie singing along with the harmonica!
Sorry folks, but this is the post where I inundate you with Alfie photos, for it has been one whole year since we bought the little fellow home to become a part of our family.

And wow, what a part of the family he is!
He is the most predictable thing in my life. As soon as he hears me stir in the morning, guaranteed he's up and off his bed and in my room looking to see if I'm awake. I usually try to pretend to be asleep so as to stop him from jumping up and lying right on my face.

Alfie comes with me to wake the kids up, and likes to have a play with Casper the budgie who flies playfully around his head stirring him up like crazy! A funny sight.

Then whilst making the kids breakfast, Alfie will be at my feet wanting his breakfast too, so I make him his bowl of cereal (his favourite is Nutri-grain!)
He will most likely annoy the kids while they're trying to eat and watch their morning cartoons, and they'll growl but he thinks they're playing.

He knows when we're leaving for the day because he looks all sad, and the kids say his tail droops down instead of curling up, then they feel bad for growling at him earlier.

He is a great little guy to have around. He is the friendliest dog and just loves it when we have visitors.
He loves cuddles and belly rubs. 
He loves the cats more than anything!
He has a really cute underbite so looks like he is smiling all the time.
He has even managed to win Ben over, who didn't want a dog but did eventually agree to let us get one. 

I couldn't choose just one or 2 photos of Alfie, so here's a whole load.
For even more cuteness, have a look at the day we brought him home!

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  1. He is adorable. Having animals in our lives is such a blessing - they bring such joy...I'm glad to see your pooch in such a happy home.


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