Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{52 WEEKS OF HAPPY} 1/52

Over at Jen's cute blog Little Birdie she has started a weekly post to show her love of what has happened over the past 7 days called 52 weeks of Happy.
I've decided it's a lovely idea and I am joining in the fun!
After all, there's a lot to love so why not show it off?

{four happy things}
I'm going to try to keep up with this each week.
It shouldn't be too hard hopefully!
Pop on over and visit Jen's blog, and perhaps join in yourself!
Nothing like a bit of happy each week.

{How do we feel about giant photos? Yay or Nay?}


  1. hi rach. you made me smile. i am all for big photos! what about keeping them a similar size? that last one had me scrolling across for a bit - lovely photo though :) ryleah's shelves look great against the colour of the wall. we have an almost teenager too. boxing day he is 13. his wave of hormones have made me a little crazy the past 6 months. i often wonder what penny will be like at that age? xo

    1. Hey Veronica!
      Hehe, I like big photos! I tried to make them the same size but they all turned out slightly different :) I'm sure there's a way but I lost patience! I'll try again next time.
      Oh yes, the hormones! I must say Jesse isn't too bad, but he stirs Ryleah up something shocking, and has developed some rude habits! Ah this will be fun won't it? I think Ryleah will be worse- she has quite the temper at times!

    2. Righto, figured it out! Took a bit of fluffing around but oh well

  2. you are too cute. nice work rach! photos can be a bugger sometimes. just go with whatever you like. it's your space. xo


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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