Friday, November 23, 2012

Blogs are pretty ace

Have you ever sat down and read through all your past blog posts?
I've just done that very thing.
It has made me feel so grateful that I started blogging.
I have been able to look back on the past 2 years and see my children grow and change, see the changes happening in our home, and remember all the good times and fun things we've done.

Sadly I could also see the part of me that struggled through a fair chunk of the last year. I remember trying so hard to focus on the good things that were happening, while feeling like I was being
swallowed up by my own misery.
A few things happened that made me feel that way, which I won't go into, but they are things that are now well and truly over. I actually feel like I'm reading the words of someone else, and I feel sorry for them.
I feel so far away from that time now, I am so much happier!

While reading through my posts I had a good laugh! Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty funny!
I picked out a few photos that I want to re-share, because good photos deserve to be looked at over and over again.
Have you ever reminisced through your old blog posts?


  1. beautiful arch...all of it! you have some good looking kids there too. always love stopping by. xo

  2. ok. so it is pretty clear your name is not arch - pre emptive text! enjoy your day Rach. xo

  3. Oh no, you sold the rooster! Ha ha ... I love looking back through my old posts too ... I love blogs!

  4. Oh Rach, I absolutely loved this post. I've never gone through all of my posts but I've read a few and thought - oh this is bad!! But I think it's good to see how far we've all come by reading the archives. And looking through your images made me think what a talented photographer you are, you have so captured the beauty of your family, home and life. I'm so pleased you are back to blogging, loving your work lady! xx

  5. These photo's are so good. I think our blogs will one day become a fantastic story for our children. Well I hope they will. Stories that tell times of the good and the bad.
    Thanks for the reminder to have a read of my own blog.x

  6. I haven't but i really should!! I started blogging 6 years ago (did like 30 posts in the first 3 years) then got really into it & it's part of my every day life. 3 years ago my husband moved interstate (from Canberra to Brisbane) without us & did two more deployments to Afghanistan, so blogging was a great way to show him what we're up to as he loves listening to me talk about my life to other people, very different to how i tell it to him straight.
    Loving your photos & great journey too. Blogging is therapy, truly, for whatever reason. Love Posie

  7. what a lovely recap- how ace are your photos! i remember the letter about the roster, so gorgeous. i haven't re-read, i find myself a bit cringeworthy actually. might have to pour a glass of wine to get me in the mood :)sarah


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