Friday, October 12, 2012

One for Zo

Last Sunday one of my good friends jumped on a plane bound for London.
She had a one way ticket, and a desire for adventure!
It hit me pretty hard that day just how much I was gonna miss this chick.

You see, Zoe is the type of girl that people gravitate towards.
She has the bubbliest personality of anyone I have ever seen! Always a huge smile on her face, and always willing to try new things and have an adventure! And she is the kindest most thoughtful girl too.

It didn't surprise me at all when I read in her new blog that on her first day in London she gave a busker a high five. I can just imagine her walking around in awe of everything around her, talking to anyone that wants to hear, and high fiving that busker without even breaking her stride!
I swear that girl needs a soundtrack playing while she's walking, it would finish the scene completely.
(You know the song it would be Zo! That one where we're skipping through the meadow! Haha!)
She left Australia on Sunday and has already been offered a job helping dolphins by a complete stranger! She gives people a good vibe.
Haha! Looking back through photos has made me laugh!

Zo and I have worked together for the past 5 or so years, and sure, I was her boss,
but we were close like friends. 
I guess I even thought of her as a little sister, as someone I felt a certain responsibility to help guide through some of life's ups and downs.

We shared some pretty special times, Zoe and I.
She was my gig buddy from the moment she was overage!
I took her to her first music festival, and nearly had a heart attack when she fell over in the mosh pit!
We had such fun.
There's 13 years between us, but you'd never guess.
Perhaps it that she is wise beyond her years, or perhaps I'm just that immature, who knows?
Sometimes I did feel like an old grump, like when she wanted one of those ghastly bull nose rings. I had to stick my foot down on that one! But mostly we were on the same page, encouraging each other's latest tattoo ideas or new hair styles.

While I was getting a bit teary at the thought of her being so far away for so long, I realised that this chick probably knows me better than anyone I know!
She gets my humour, she knows what type of person I am and the things I love and the things I don't so much love.
She just gets me.
That makes for a pretty good friend, don't you think?
Wah!! What am I gonna do without her??

Anyway, enough of my blabbering! Zoe is writing a blog of her adventures and I for one can't wait to see what she gets up to.
Join her here

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  1. Okay so im so crying in the mids of the kitchen in my backpackers !! oh my Rach!! i cant even write im tearing to much.. people are staring .. gahhh lol Rach all i can say is i love you!, I feel as tho i have always know you your this chick who has so much talent so much bright amazing spark and i feel as tho you pull me into this place where everything is beautiful & down right cool. Work was good but getting you as my boss was better! without you there it would never have been as radical as it was! even tho we are now a little away from each other i can just listen to some funky tunes and think of some rocking times with you! & your so right we we always seemed to be thinking the same things i guess were just so Summerpooday we just cant help it!

    xxxxx much love xx Z


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