Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A belated weekend post

Sunday wasn't very warm, and it wasn't sunny.
We did something we wouldn't normally do on a day like that, and went to the beach.

We didn't go to swim, or to get a suntan, but just to enjoy each other's company.
We grabbed some fish and chips, and took Alfie on his very first beach visit. 

 Alfie could barely sit still while we ate our food, and we commented on the fact that it was our first meal with him around where he wasn't begging for our food!
He was far too distracted by all the other dogs.
 Not a chance we could let him off his leash to run - he would run and keep running!!

 Alf had an absolute ball socialising with other dogs, and the kids had fun running with him, digging big holes and writing messages in the sand for the plane flying by.

We live just over an hour from the beach so it's not too long of a trip, but sometimes when life gets busy it seems like we just can't fit it in.
Sunday made me realise that we can fit it in, and sometimes we really need to.
The washing and house work will always be waiting!
It was just lovely.

How was your weekend?

{On another note, I did take my Canon on this day trip, as I thought I should take some 'real' photos instead of just phone photos. Oops, it sat in it's case on the sand while I ran around with my phone instead. Must break this habit!!}

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