Friday, October 19, 2012


I have some pretty awesome friends.

It's ok to brag about your friends, isn't it?
Cos I'm going to!

These days friends come in all different ways, there's the people you know 'in real life', and there's the people you meet in social media.
Then there's the people you know in real life and  in social media.
I'm talking about these guys today, then you can get to know them too (if you don't already!)

I'll start with a friend that I have known for a long long time.
Michelle and I were friends in high school for a while, didn't see each other for years after school, but then got back in contact through good old Facebook.
It turns out we have a fair bit in common! More than we realised back at school I think.

Michelle is actually hugely responsibly for my blog obsession starting!
She had a crafty type blog called Snickerdoodle which I loved. It linked to some other cool blogs which really got me inspired, and the rest is history, as they say!

Michelle now has a blog called Bok-Bok-B'Gerk which is also the name of her awesome laser cut jewellery brand. She has 2 cute kiddos, and is passionate about a healthy way of living.
She likes to drink a lot of hardcore juice too! Hehe!

Steph has a really ace little shop here in Ballarat called The Red Brick Gallery.
I first met Steph when she opened her shop and offered kids art classes, which Ryleah took for a while.
She's good pals with Michelle so every now and again we all get together with a couple of other chicks for dinner and have plenty of laughs.
She is one rad chick with a cool English accent and flouro pink hair!
Her blogazine is full of inspiring posts and tutorials, and she can papercut like a boss!
 Go and visit for a bit of ace in your life!

Tash is one of my newest friends, and we met though Instagram!
She came and had her hair done with me, she was just so lovely, and we got on really well.
We have tried to start a 'cool crafty chicks' regular get together thingy, which so far has only happened once because of crazy life stuff! But I think we will sort it out and get it happening.
I think it's good to have a few friends that you can meet up with in a little pub, get out the knitting or crochet, have a cider and have a great time! That's our plan anyway :)

Visit her at her blog Twenty Five Words

Jen has got to be one of the funniest ladies I know, and not only that but she's super talented when it comes to making jewellery from junk!

I have known Jen for years now - I am her hairdresser and she is my ice dealer (Ice resin that is!)
She never fails to makes everyone around her smile, even when she is going through tough times.
She is quickly gaining a name for herself in America as a teacher in jewellery making classes. She is there as we speak teaching at Art n Soul in Portland.
Good on you Jen you are a legend!

Visit her here

I count my younger brother as one of my friends, even though he is rather smart and (unintentionally) makes me feel a bit daft sometimes!
I guess you could say we've known each other for a long time!
I remember being a 4 year old and desperately wanting a baby brother. My wish came true exactly 1 week after my 5th birthday.
He was very cute, and always very inquisitive, now he has a son with the same inquisitiveness.
You can visit him here.

I met Laura last year when I decided I wanted to learn how to screen print.
She is a great artist who has recently moved to Ballarat from Melbourne, and runs her screen printing business from home.
Laura is always bursting with creative ideas for lots of different projects, one of which is a pop-up shop in Ballarat next month. She always has something new happening and is quite inspirational with her passion for her business.
If you'd like to learn screen printing, pop over here! 

Now for the guy who certainly needs no introduction.
I met Ro a few years back as a client in my salon. Back then he was just breaking into photography. He was taking a lot of pics of bands at gigs, and fashion was also a focus.
I was lucky enough to have Rohan photograph my family a few years ago, now we have the most beautiful photos to treasure. He sure has a gift with that camera.
These days he's an author, and very well known for his love of hunting, home grown produce, and cooking like a pro. And the photos are of course still amazing!
I told him ages ago he was going to be famous, now look!
Told ya so.

Pop over here to be inspired beyond belief, and while you're at it pay a visit to his lovely Kate.
She is a sweet gal with the cutest laugh.

Hhhm, I have a feeling I'm missing someone...

There's so many ace people out there that I know online that I would love to get to know in person!

Do you have blogging friends?
Have you met blogging friends?
Tell us about them!


  1. Your comment on my blog made me cry Rach.
    Thank you. And this is a pretty gorgeous post too.
    I'm not at all surprised that lots of your mates are mine too. Hopefully we'll meet soon. xx

  2. Lady!! I came on here to get the crochet hook size for your pattern on the toolbar, because I wanted to do some more of squares. Little did I know you had written a nice thing. I got the warm fuzzies lady love.
    Ill be seeing you tomorrow morning when I give you a big HUG.
    X now, about that hook size....


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