Monday, October 29, 2012

A post about nothing

It has recently come to my attention how boring my life is.
Like, 15 minutes ago. While I was trying to rack my brain for something to write a blog post about.
I mean, you can only write about certain things so many times before people are bored out of their brains.

Don't get me wrong, we are busy little bees, and life is pretty sweet right now, but there just doesn't seem to be a lot of stuff that's blog-worthy.

A little while ago I was flat out with work and blogging wasn't a priority.
It wasn't a nice lifestyle and I couldn't wait to cut back to one business and settle down a bit.
I thought then I would have time to get back into the things I love, and to blog about them!

Well those days are gone and I am certainly living a much more relaxed life and loving my new shop.
I have been gardening, sprucing up the house, and spending time with the kids.
But the blog thing hasn't come back to me as easily as I though it would.
I think my problem is that I see so many awesome blogs out there that have great posts about things that matter!  I feel like my posts need to be really good, to contain amazing photographs and change the world! Well not quite, but you know.

I remember a time when I would blog about any old thing! 
It didn't need to be super exciting.
Just snippets of my life with my family on our little hobby farm.
I really need to get back in that frame of mind.

Let's start with this post shall we?
A post about having nothing to post about, wanting something to post about, then deciding I don't really
need anything to post about!

Do you ever struggle with your blog writing?


  1. Ha! determination to finish without missing a day!

    Here I am....

    Heavily pregnant with 5 other children aged 7 and under and a shift working (mostly nights) husband.

    My days are full of trying to keep them quiet and resting my dodgey back! I tell myself "this is just a will pass".

    I sure hope so for my tiny amount of blog followers sakes! :)

    I always love reading your blog FYI! :)

  2. Its the simple things which are the most delightful though, look at your beautiful family, that is fantastic to read. Love Posie

  3. Ha, I know the feeling. Some weeks posting comes easily, other weeks its a real struggle. I think just go with it :)

    Thanks for visiting and your comment x


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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