Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A sweet smell, a fresh breeze

Life is pretty sweet here at the moment.

It's amazing how everything looks so much prettier when the sun comes out, how the days feel so different with the fresh smells of Spring, and how the sound of birds in the surrounding trees can bring a total sense of calm through your body.

I love this life.

::a veggie garden freshly planted::
::ducks wandering::
::a faux bbq::
::a lazy cat::
::my cosy chair::
::fun with water::
::a new scarecrow::
::children playing::
::new chicks on the way::
::feeding time::
::a basket of projects::
::green eyes::
::homemade butter::
::war paint::
::anyday now::
::tyre swing::
::fresh from a friend's tree::

Do you feel like you're living a dream when this beautiful weather comes around?


  1. I love the photos of the chook in the bucket - she's so big & fluffy! I agree, Spring is lovely. I love the warmer (but not too hot) weather and it's exciting to see the plants on my balcony garden bearing some veggies for us to eat.

  2. I do! I said to hubby this morning, 'aren't we blessed'... love all your pics! xx Would love you to join in on my garden journal too!

  3. All so fantastic, want to see those baby chicks!! Just love catching up over at Instagram then seeing it all showcased here too. Love Posie

  4. it looks dreamy.... I love the chair on the verandah with the knitting wool right by it, and that in the last pic you're standing on a stool (and have red nail polish - the best!) .. x

  5. Dude your just so F'ing Cool!!- need i say more?



Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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