Monday, May 28, 2012

Feeling a bit poo

Aaah. Life.
The ups and downs.
I thrive on the ups. Don't manage so well on the downs though.
Things have been a bit tough for me lately and I am struggling.

Don't get me wrong, life is good, great even.
It's just a rough patch.
A bump in the road.
She'll be right.

I get a bit emotional though and take things to heart.
I get teary at the drop of a hat!
My husband tells me I'm emotionally retarded.
I bottle things up and can't talk about them.

Work has been consuming me.
Quality time at home is more important than ever to me right now.

I'm trying to focus on the good and the great and the wonderful.
My kids. My husband. My home.

So we've been hanging out, keeping warm, watching movies.
And I've been re-arranging, and cosying up our home with some new and old pieces.
 I find these simple things so therapeautic.

I know that in the grand scheme of things, things really aren't that bad.
In fact I really shouldn't complain at all.

Consider this post not complaining, just venting!

Everything will be back to awesome very soon.
 It will.
Do you ever have times like this?
How do you get through it?


  1. A good vent always makes one feel a little better. I get like this too sometimes. I hope you can shake it soon. hugs love. x

  2. It's ok to say you are struggling and not justify that with a positive. It is a thought process I am teaching lately myself. Sometimes things do suck. Yes, ultimately it will resolve itself, get easier or be worked through but we don't all have to be positive happy people all of the time. It's nice for someone else to acknowledge that you are having a rough time and be there for you while you work through it. So this is me... acknowledging that you are having a rough time... giving you a virtual hug... and hoping it passes for you soon xx

  3. Things will be back to awesome soon. I love that line. Here's wishing it will be tomorrow.

  4. A good vent fixes many a problem!!
    On the up side your kids are fab and I am in love with your black and white rug - like I want to come and steal it!!

  5. Vent away.....your allowed anytime. Sometimes just venting makes the load seem lighter.
    Hope your feeling back on-top soon xx

  6. Oh Rach, poor love, wish I could give you a big hug.
    But just know that we ALL go through these times, I seem to go through them fairly regularly, but luckily they don't last for long. It's just the pits when you're feeling emotional for nothing at all.
    Go with your emotions though hun, have a cry, a shout, a vent, get it all out.
    Sounds like you're doing the best possible things to bring you out of it too. I find my boys, hubby, friends and my home always bring me back to my happy place. And like yourself, I like a bit of moving around and mixing old with new, good fun! xoxo
    Oh and your photos are just lovely.

  7. I really like what Allana said, and absolutely agree. You don't have to be happy *all* the time, you might need to process something for now. In fact that's the other thing I do to get through it, treat the mood like a message. There might be something to acknowledge at the heart of it, which may help in the processing.
    Best of luck - absolutely know the feeling!


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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