Monday, June 4, 2012

Stepping back in time

Yesterday was the first of many planned 'family days' for us.
We spend a lot of time together, but don't often do anything special.
Weekends are spent trying to catch up on jobs, and also trying to relax a bit, so we find they fly by in a blur.

Ben and I had a chat and decided it was time we had certain days allocated to making sure we do something special together as a family.
This week we were lucky to be given free tickets to Sovereign Hill.
It's such a popular tourist place, yet the locals of Ballarat rarely visit!
At school we had to go all.the.time so we all lost interest, it becomes a bore when you're
there every few weeks.
I hadn't been for years, and I must say, I appreciated it so much more now than I ever did as a student.
We are pretty good at finding gold!
$50 lunch consists of fish, dim sims & chips and a beef roll :(
These guys were ace
We left at the end of the day pooped but happy.
We had our obligatory souveniers {old style posters, handmade candles, a cow bell(?!)}and of course bags of the best boiled lollies ever- raspberry drops!!
But the best thing of all? We had a blast with each other.
Good times.

How was your weekend?
Do you make time for special days with your family?
Or does hectic life get in the way?

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  1. Yep, it is so important to allocate that time as a family. We are guilty of slipping into the rut now and then, but planning a day out always helps.
    Looks like you guys had a blast. Love the pics. And what is it with these big attractions charging exorbitant amounts for crap food?? We had the same experience with the theme parks on the Gold Coast. I'm always kicking myself for not packing our own yummy lunch at times like that.


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