Sunday, October 23, 2011

My favourite room

There's something about this room that I gravitate towards. On beautiful sunny days, I keep on finding myself standing in here, just hanging out. Cooking, listening to music, hanging with the kids, whatever. Even more so now that my kitchen dresser is finished!

 Isn't she beautiful? I must admit, I'm pretty chuffed with myself at the moment!

Tell me kids, what's your favourite room?


  1. what a beautiful space! i would be spending a lot of time there too! x

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL room, loving it! I notice your little white babushka dolls, so cute, I have those exact dolls lined up for part of my first ever giveaway coming up :o)
    The 'world's best Mummy' heart is gorgeous.
    I think my favourite room would be either the kitchen or my boy's room. Both of those rooms command such wonderful light, whereas the other rooms in our place can be quite dark.

  3. Your kitchen! That's my favourite.

  4. Yes she is a beauty! Loving the whole kitchen and dining area. Stunning.

  5. it is indeed EXCELLENT! such style!

    as for my favourite room, i'd be our bedroom. total refuge... when it's clean!

    xo em

  6. I'm feeling the envy of a finished kitchen!!!! It will be lovely one day - but I can't say I have a favorite room in our 'simple life' house (the too small simple life house).... I do have favorite windows though! Lovely to 'meet' you! xxxx Rach

  7. Your kitchen is awesome Rach I want it Really I do

  8. Wow it looks awesome all finished, well done. I love sitting out on our veranda enjoying the quietness. Have a great day my friend.

    Always Wendy

  9. Oh Rach!! No wonder it's your favourite room. It's just perfect. I absolutely love it. I've always wanted a big black board in our kitchen too. But as we're still renting, it's all a dream until we can find our own place. Your home is just adorable. xxx
    ps. Our dressers are very similar indeed! :) xx


Thanks for your lovely messages! They really make my day :)

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