Saturday, August 13, 2011

Don't want it to end...

Today was the last time my great team of hairdressers will work all together. One of the girls is leaving to have her second baby, another is going at the end of next month to have her first baby, and another is heading overseas for at least 6 months. I always seem to lose all my girls at once!

I have the best staff ever. We all work together so well, and we love hanging around after work just to chat and have a few laughs. Best of all we can be idiots and just have fun!
I can call them some of my best friends.

(my sister is also part of the team, but she's on holidays so you miss out on seeing her lovely face today!)

I have had my fair share of nasty, bitchy staff, so I am extremely grateful to have these girls. They make life so much easier, and work so enjoyable. Now I have to find new girls to replace the ones that are leaving, and I'm scared! Will I find someone just as fun, just as awesome, just as great at doing hair? Someone everyone will love? Wish me luck!

What's everyone else grateful for today? Head on over to Maxabella Loves and see!


  1. good luck! There has been so much trouble finding good staff where i work, and it sucks! x

  2. i love work friends that turn out to be best friends. i've met some of the most gorgeous women at the gallery and i know they'll be in my life forever. enjoy the rest of your time with them and good luck...sending positive potential friend vibes your way! xx

  3. Wow, it's a bit of a 'sliding doors' moment at your place as well. Soon to have 50% newbies to work with - I hope you get an equally good dynamic as you currently have.

    And I have to say it: GREAT HAIR!!!! ;) x

  4. Aww, your workmates remind me of how we are at work. So I can relate when you say you don't want it to end. Good luck. Hope you'll find another great team.

  5. hey super styler- you won the shoes... hit me up!


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