Monday, August 8, 2011

Old and haggard

Yep, that's me. I've been looking so old lately, everytime I look in the mirror I feel sick! Especially in the car, natural light is very unforgiving. Maybe it's because it turn 32 in13 sleeps? OLD! Or maybe it's because we're getting my son ready for high school next year? EEEK!
Whatever it is, it's been taking it's toll on the old face. And don't even mention the body!

So I did what any worn out shabby looking hairdresser would do - I gave myself a hair makeover. The fringe wasn't enough, this would have to be a bit more drastic!

Yep, darker and longer. Sure, it hasn't cured the wrinkles or bags, but a fresh colour gives you a lift and makes you feel so much better!
No doubt I'll be bored of this colour within a couple of months and blonde will be back. Blonde is my natural colour so dark never lasts long in my hair. That and light roots with dark ends look very bad, like you're going bald!

I've been very busy lately doing lots of fun things, I will show you photos soon and fill you in!
Have a lovely day!

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  1. you never look old to me! Hair looks great anyhow! Change is always good, you've got me thinking i need to get my fringe back now too!
    Happy Monday! x

  2. oh please- you look HAWT!!!!! on fire, you crazy 31 year old with a kid almost in HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!

    xo em

  3. Far out ... if that is you old and haggard I must be a walking zombie! You look bloody fantastic and I love the brown!

  4. Stop it! You look fabulous! Seriously gorgeous pic. I feel extremely old and haggard... and there's proof, I am sprouting greys... and I'm only 32 also! :o( Look forward to the pics of all the fun things xo

  5. I saw the photo and thought I read "Yep, that's me at 13" Then realised you meant that's you NOW!!! You must have some great lighting in that room cause you look awesome! Love the new do too. Can't wait to see your commission!!!
    Suzie xx

  6. Hahaha! You guys are too kind. But seriously, there are wrinkles and grey hairs too!

  7. Fantastic fringe you have here. Not everyone can get away with full bangs.


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